Digital Broken Triangles

  By Howard Kaplan aka kappy  
3D Animation & Mixed medium video 3840 x 2160  

Digital Broken Triangles aims to represent the layers of history that are fading as we as humans make new histories. This series transforms some of my paintings done over 10 years ago from the Broken Triangle series to 3D animations.

*note: below are low resolution videos for the web, actual art is higher resolution.
*cick images to see larger / higher quality frame from the animation
*Web video may look distorted until you press play.

"The Smell"
"The Sound"
"The Sight"

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Subset of Digital Broken Triangles
3D Animation & video 2048 x 2048
"Blind To It" "Waiting" "Kid Triangle"
"Blood Tooth" Series: On Books - "Tea With Salk" Series: On Books - "Origins"

Series Title: On Books

This series discusses the tension and conflict that exists between the practices of tradition and innovation. I mix classic cultural traditions and ideas, such as having tea, with innovative concepts and themes, such as the scientific breakthrough polio vaccine created by Jona Salk. The books are used as centerpieces for the main topic of each work.

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