"I strive to solve both technical and aesthetic design problems and enjoy using creativity to educate and motivate."

Hello, I'm Howard Kaplan (aka kappy)!
I am an Artist located in Tampa Florida. My work mixes both traditional (analog) medium with advanced digital technology, such as paint or pen and ink with 3D computer graphics images (CGI). In my day-to-day job I am the Director of the Advanced Technology Center at the University of South Florida, a top research university in the US. My work has been featured in the journal Science, Wired, Discovery, and National Geographic. I have done numerous projects over the years ranging from animated movies, games, and book illustrations, to ground breaking prosthetic designs for veterans and forensic reconstructions for law enforcement.

I have a BFA from Ringling College of Art & Design , and a Master of Education from the University of South Florida. I am currently in candidacy for Ph.D, in Engineering Science, Biomedical and Chemical Engineering at the University of South Florida.

Research Areas include: Assistive Technology Design, 2D & 3D Imaging, Medical Simulation, 3D Printing, Tactile Visualization, User Experience Design(UX), Instructional Design, STEAM, Graphic User Interface Design (GUI), High Resolution Displays, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Stereoscopic Technologies, Human Computer Interaction Interface Design, Creative Coding, Game Design, 3D Modeling, Animation, and alternative methods for data representation.


"Untitled" 18" x 18.5" Watercolor, pencil, pen and ink "Jumping Frog" Digital video & mixed media 1080 x 1080

Email: kappyarts[at]gmail.com OR
Email: howiek3d[at]gmail.com