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Polymer Micro-structure Self-assembly Visualization
Project Team: Dr. Anna Pyayt & Howard Kaplan

This image demonstrates results of the study of micro-structure formation in polymers that self-assemble into different shapes ranging from grains to lines interconnected into complex patterns and meshes. It shows the microstructure of a 2-millimeter-long fragment of self-assembled polymers, which University of South Florida materials scientist Anna Pyayt is using to build miniature "lab-on-a-chip" devices for biomedical diagnostic applications.

This image was choose as one of the winners of the 2013 NSF & Science Journal Visualization Challenge.
Publised in: Science,Vol. 343 no. 6171 pp. 600-610 

polymer image

nsf Viz Challenge process image

Various image processing results, and photograph

3d print polymer3d polymer
3D Print of polymer | Computer generated 3D mesh

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