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Ultra-high Resolution Video, "The Heart of Miami"
Project Team: Tina Eden, Hugh O'Donnell, Howard Kaplan, Akhil Bhatt; (BobyEcho LLC)

The video installation is 35 feet long with a resolution of 768 x 13660, 46 inch LCD Monitors were tied together in a 1x10 array.

I created 2D images, 3D models, animations, control systems, particle systems, renderings and textures for this ultra-high resolution digital video. Incuding: a 3D aquairuim, animated heart, algae bloom efffects, and a full color spectrum of thousands of particles rendered as diamonds. I also took part in story design and development, editing and production managment.

The installation is located in the Research & Development Building One at the University of Miami's life Sciences Park.


Images from sections of the film that I created

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