Howard Kaplan  has a BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design, a Master of Education and a Doctor of Engineering from the University of South Florida (USF) Tampa. His unique skillset has helped him create the Advanced Visualization Center at the USF, which serves as a campus wide resource for implementing and developing instruction, research and products using advanced technologies, such as augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and interactive media. He is also a professor for the College of Art at USF. He currently resides in Tampa, Florida. Most recently his 3d models and animations can be seen in the augmented reality app ARTours Clearwater (publicly available on Google Play and Apple Store

Howard's series, Broken Triangles, are abstract expressionist works, featuring Paintings, 3D Animations, 3D-printing, Augmented Reality, and Holographic installations, The work represents the fleeting concept of history. In this series he observes the fading history of the human story, in particular with respect to the Holocaust, at various levels from personal to general history and stories. With each piece, Howard, invites the viewer to immerse themselves in the subject as translated through cycles and iterations of histories created, told, remembered, forgotten and recreated. With the merging of traditional art and digital technologies, he, focus on the impacts to underrepresented groups of the holocaust: disabled, LGBT+, and African Americans. A key emphasis of the artwork is to communicate the psychological and mental distress that are still present as a result of this tragedy. Howard views Broken Triangles as a book containing many chapters and subsections that are connected and continuously growing along with the to the main theme, that allows for individual pieces to remain separate and distinct, as well as unified as a commemorative collection.  

Each piece asking the viewer:

How do we remember the past, as history carries on and builds up new histories, especially in a world filled with over stimulation and massive amounts of information?

Selected Animations:

"Interactive Hologram TEST" 2022

"The Smell" 2019

"The Sound" 2019

"The Sight" 2020

"Trigger Models no.1" 2022

"Blind to It" 2020

"Sanctification" 2019

"Light in the Clouds" 2019